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K. Michelle vs. America

Let’s talk K. Michelle for a second. Last night, I was sick, but I could hear the episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta loud and clear. I purposely waited until the K. Michelle segment came up to log on Twitter, because I know the foolery would be hilarious to me. For some reason – America still thinks this woman is lying. Some of you think she’s too dramatic. Some of you think she should just shut up and focus on her career. So below, I’m simply going to take some of the things some of you say and address them my way.

“I still don’t get how she keeps telling this story now that she has the television platform.”

Maybe you failed to realize, but that’s her storyline for the show. That’s her purpose on the show. Everyone on the show has a purpose and a storyline. Karlie’s is to get her a career. Rasheeda is to come from underground. Mimi, Joseline, and Steebie’s is to showcase their relationship. Kim’s (K. Michelle) is to tell her story of being abused and going from being signed with Jive, to no one wanting to work with her. She’s talking about it because that’s what gets her a check from that show.

“Nobody’s heard any proof of it actually happening when it happened. Police reports and all.”

“I love you, I don’t want you to lose your job and go to jail.” Something along those lines is what Kim expressed at the Breakfast Club. She didn’t want Memphitz to lose his job, because she loved that man. As she said, it wasn’t an ongoing thing, he just snapped one day. (Note: I am not excusing his behavior, simply stating what she said.)

“I’m not even mad at Rasheeda for saying what she said because she, like everyone else, is entitled to her opinion.”

I’m mad at Rasheeda because she only expressed that to that woman because she’s friends with Toya. How would you feel if a man whooped your ass and no one believes you? Then to have another woman sit in your face and pretty much call you a liar? Because you did his ass and favor and didn’t send him to jail?

Why do I believe K? If all of this wasn’t true, why hasn’t he sued her? Why is his comeback “I made you”? Why is his woman and her friends doing all the talking and he’s just sitting back chilling? He know there’s some truth to this. He knows he did something to that woman and he doesn’t want to admit to himself and the world. You can’t be mad at her for sharing her story. Plus, if she is lying, who the hell is Memphitz to lie on? Did any of you give a damn about a Memphitz before she started telling her story?

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